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Over the past two decades, Chinese contemporary art has become a major presence in the international art world. The diversity of work by China's leading artists now commands the attention of curators, critics, collectors, scholars, and the global art community. Yet Chinese contemporary art merely builds on magnificent artistic traditions of China's 5,000-year-old culture. AW Asia's mission is to support and advance this significant field of art.

AW Asia is a private organization and exhibition space located in the heart of the Chelsea art district in New York City. AW Asia promotes the field of Chinese contemporary art through institutional loans and acquisitions, curatorial projects, publications, and educational programs.

AW Asia is a collaborative partner for museums and institutions looking to incorporate Chinese contemporary art into their exhibition planning. AW Asia also works with leading curators to present conceptual exhibitions that draw from the immense diversity of work in this field. AW Asia's publishing program offers a range of original publications about contemporary Chinese art, including books, periodicals, exhibition catalogues, and monographs. AW Asia also hosts contemporary Chinese art-related events throughout the year, including private lectures and other professional gatherings.

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