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U-TURN is a new periodical that presents a direct and in-depth history of Chinese contemporary art in six individual editions (U-TURN Editions 1 & 2 are currently available). U-TURN seeks to return to the moments and movements that have shaped contemporary art in China since 1978, covering them in stand-alone folios, with each issue focusing on a particular five-year period.

U-TURN is edited by Beijing-based writer and curator Philip Tinari, and is published by AW Asia. The title "U-TURN" draws on the "No U-Turn" logo adopted by Chinese artists in the lead-up to the epoch-making China/Avant-Garde exhibition that took place at the National Art Museum of China in February 1989.

U-TURN moves forward chronologically toward the present in five-year intervals, for a total of six issues covering the three decades between 1978 and 2008. Each eight-to-twelve page U-TURN pamphlet presents a specific group or movement as it was originally conceived and received, publishing previously un-circulated photographs, and re-creating key exhibitions through diagrams and documentary materials.

Each issue features four overviews of significant groups and movements, bundled with a separate chronology which ties these movements to each other and to the broader social circumstances of the era. U-TURN aims to educate and enlighten art professionals, institutions, collectors, students, and art aficianados on the history and importance of Chinese contemporary art.